Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harbor Lawn Memorial Service 12-13-2009

Harbor Lawn in Costa Mesa holds an ecumenical service each year. There was a pastor, a priest, a Buddhist monk and two rabbi's. Each offered a short devotional in honor of the loved ones and their families. It was lovely!

Remerbrance Service- Crestlawn 12-17-2009

Remembrance Services are a tradition at many of the mortuaries. Crestlawn in Riverside is one of the largest and this service had over 250 attendees. Each participant is invited to light a candle in honor of their departed loved one.

Calvary Cemetery 12-4-2009

Calvary Mortuary in Los Angeles asked me to play for this grave side service inside one of their many mausoleums. This was a lovely service and as always in these places, the acoustics were incredible.

Waverly Church 11-12-2009

Waverly Church at Fairhaven is gorgeous. The acoustics are marvelous and this was a lovely, well attended service.

New Philadelphia Church -Carson 10-29-2009

New Philadelphia Church in Carson was the location for this magnificent service. The family flew in from all parts of the country. Many of the decedents' family were musicians, so the service was filled with incredible music.