Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Calvary Mortuary 2-8-2010

This was a graveside committal service. Once again, the weather was lovely for an outdoor service. The next day it was pouring!

Calvary Mortuary 1-28-2010

This was a full mass, once again, located inside the facility's chapel. The harp plays for the prelude, presentation of the gifts, communion and several other parts of the service.

Calvary Cemetery 1-25-2010

Occasionally, I am asked to play for the viewing that takes place prior to the actual funeral service. In this case, there was large group of of family and friends. The harp added a lot of ambiance, if I do say so myself.

St Joseph Catholic Church 1-13-2010

St Joseph Catholic Church in Brea was the location for this nice full mass. This is a lovely large church and the mass was well attended.

Fairhaven Mortuary 1-9-2010

Fairhaven Mortuary was the location for this nice grave-side service. The weather was as nice as it can be for a January outdoor service.

Waverly Church 1-8-2010

Lovely Waverly Church, was the location for this nice service. The acoustics are fabulous and it is always a pleasure to play in this gorgeous chapel.